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UPC / EAN Codes

Select number of codes in menu above. We beat prices by 15 or 20%, just contact us! For 2000 or more please click here or contact us. IMPORTANT! Please add email address to your order in the PayPal 'Special instructions' field if you don't want it to be sent to the PayPal address. Also please check your junk folder for our emails, especially if you are with hotmail.

What you get:
  • UPC and EAN numbers delivered minutes after you order
  • High Resolution JPEG graphics, and vector EPS of each barcode you order
  • Certificate of Authenticity stating the codes are unique and exclusive to you
  • Text listing of all barcode numbers associated with your graphics
  • Label template so you can print as many of your barcodes as you need
  • Barcode images in other formats if you need them
  • Option to subscribe to regular sales
Our Service:
  • Instant delivery
  • Verified authentic codes
  • No recurring fees
  • Yours for ever
  • Work on Amazon and major marketplaces: our customers use thousands of them
  • Buy one, try it, buy at least 100, contact us and we'll reimburse the 1st one**
Frequently asked questions:
  • How many codes do I need:
    • You need one code for each product 'variation', for example size and color.
  • Will these work for any product:
    • Our codes will work for all products but books and pharma.
  • Will these work in any country:
    • Yes, our codes will work worldwide, online and in retail.
  • Do they need to be registered with information about my product, price or company:
    • No, you use the codes to register directly your products with your distributor (e.g. Amazon, CD Baby, supermarkets, grocery stores, etc). They will link the information as well as price to the code for you.
  • Do I need to print the barcodes:
    • If you sell products online you should only need the numbers, however if you sell through a distributor instead of sending the products directly, you may need to print the barcodes on stickers, which you can do with the images we provide you with your order, or by using our printing service.
  • Refund policy:
    • Since this item is a digital download all sales are final.
  • Anything else:
Pick number of barcodes and price in menu above!

** refunded through PayPal after you contact us at info@barcodelove.eu with the PayPal transaction IDs of the two transactions.